Friday, July 24, 2009

And I thought the Elkhorn Antlers were bad...

Whew! After a long break we are back to blogging!

Life certainly does pick up when you are working. Charlie and I are both settled into jobs, him at Nationwide Insurance and me at a career college here in Denver. We both got pretty lucky that we really enjoy our jobs and mine definitly keeps me busy!

I was walking through the lounge the other day and the picture below made me laugh out loud! Apparently our mascot is the fighting leaf. wow.

After an entire childhood of having to explain the Elkhorn mascot of the Antlers (a discussion for another time...I realize that antlers are neither an animal nor something scary), I know work at a school that considers a leaf something to be feared. I might need to bring this up at the next meeting :)

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  1. Finally! I agree with you on the leaves. Hopefully you don't have to play anyone that has something to do with fire...but now that I say that, I am pretty sure there is nothing that a leaf can beat. There is a high school called the wooden shoes in Illinois. Regardless, I would back up the antlers. I have seen numerous movies where the hero grabs antlers to fend off swords and defeat the villan.